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Information workshop about a career in specialist palliative care

Workshop, held 22nd November 2023

The following organisations came together to host an online information workshop about a career in specialist palliative care, hosted by the AIIHPC

The workshop aimed to support people to:

  • Understand the core principles of palliative care, including palliative rehabilitation, and its impact on patients’ lives
  • Explore the diverse career opportunities within the field of palliative care
  • Learn about the essential skills and qualities required to excel in this profession
  • Gain insight into the many transferable skills utilised in palliative care
  • Engage in discussions with experienced OT and Physio professionals and gain valuable perspectives
  • Hear about a day in the life of a physio and OT working in the area
  • Discover how palliative care aligns with the broader healthcare landscape
  • Hear from students about their experiences of palliative care placements

Running order for video:


What is Palliative Care? Simone Sheehan  – 3min 28 second

Role of Physio and Occupational Therapists  – Simone Sheehan and Sandie O’Brien  – 5min 40 seconds

Palliative Rehabilitation – Michelle Coleman 19min 40 seconds

Palliative care myths! – Joan Boult 31min 17 seconds

Megan Walls, Senior Occupational Therapist    – 53 mins 03mins

Staff Grade Rotation in Specialist Palliative Care – Julie Healy 1.05 mins 46 seconds

Community Palliative Care – Siobhan Kinsella – 1.11 min 41 seconds

Case Study – Collaboration between Acute, PCCC, SPC Ots – Laura Binions and Julie Donohoe 1.26min 20 seconds

Transferable Skills –  Jean Ryan and Julie Donohoe 1.41min 25 seconds

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