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Past Events

For queries on AIIHPC events below, please contact info@aiihpc.org or 353 (0)1 491 2948.
For a list of upcoming palliative care events from AIIHPC partner organisations and collaborators on the island of Ireland visit: www.aiihpc.org/events/list/

ECRF Webinar Series | Palliative Care in Prisons

Speaker | Prof Audrey Roulston, Queens University Belfast.

This webinar explores recent research by Prof Audrey Roulston on the experiences of people in palliative care in prisons.

Resources Available: Video | Slides

April 2024

PCRN Webinar Series | Technology and Palliative Care

Speakers | Dr Frances Cleary, South Eastern Technological University and Dr Carolyn Blair, Queens University Belfast.

This webinar explores how technology is evolving the area of palliative care, and how we can use it in a way that it maximises impact.

Resources Available: Video

April 2024

PCRN Webinar Series
 | Supporting families when an adult with significant caregiving responsibilities for children is at end of life

Presenters: Prof Cherith Semple, Ulster University and PCRN member and Dr Jeff Hanna, Ulster University, ECRF member.

This webinar explores the experience of Cherith and Jeff who have been delivering and evaluating face-to-face training for health and social care professionals on how best healthcare teams can support families when an adult carer is at end of life with cancer.

Resources Available: Video | Slides

February 2024

Expert Topic Webinar | Healthcare Assistants in Out-of-hours Adult Community Palliative Care

Dr Felicity Hasson, Ulster University, PCRN Member, and Prof Sheila Payne, Lancaster University, AIIHPC expert collaborator, present findings from a mixed-method study exploring the role and contribution of Healthcare Assistants in out-of-hours community palliative care provision.

Resources Available: Video | Slide deck

November 2023

Workshop | AIIHPC Social Prescribing Workshop

The workshop considered the potential for social prescribing to add value to and enhance the range of supports already provided by hospice and specialist palliative care services

Presenters: Professor David Robinson, Consultant Geriatrician at St James’s Hospital and a senior Clinical Lecturer at Trinity College Dublin
Prof Mary Lynch is Professor and Executive Vice Dean for Research in Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery RCSI, Hon Prof of Healthcare in UWS, UK & Vice Chair for Technology and Palliative Care special interest group in AIIHPC

Resources Available: Video and other resources 

October 2023

Workshop | Involving people with communication difficulties as PPI contributors in palliative care research

AIIHPC developed and delivered this workshop in collaboration with University College Cork and Dublin City University PPI Ignite Networks.
This workshop provided a unique opportunity to hear from people with speech, language, and communication difficulties and palliative and health care needs, and researchers, on how you can involve people with communication difficulties in palliative care research.

Resources Available: Agenda | Slide decks

October 2023

PCRN Webinar Series | Journey through a decade – reflecting on the development, implementation and evolution of the Comfort Care Guide e-Resource

Presenters: Dr Gillian Carter & Dr Julie Doherty, Queen’s University Belfast.

Gillian and Julie share their experiences of developing a Care Home nurse training program, designed to support necessary discussions about comfort care with family carers of residents with advanced dementia.

Resources Available: Video | Slide deck

September 2023

ECRF Webinar Series | The Role of the Research Nurse in Palliative Care

Theme: Understanding opportunities to advance palliative research as a research nurse

Presented by Kasia Patynowska, Research Nurse, Marie Curie Northern Ireland and Sarah Stanley, Research Nurse, Marie Curie, Liverpool

Resources Available: Video 

September 2023