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Palliative Care Research Network Symposiums

The Annual Palliative Care Research Network Symposium offers researchers opportunities to learn from global experts, share and exchange knowledge and network with peers. Information about the 2019 Symposium can be found below, programmes for past event can be found at the bottom of the page

The Context

Out-of-hours palliative care services need to be co-ordinated, safe, and high quality, while being cost effective to meet the needs of the person with a life-limiting condition and the needs of their carer. Over 70% of Irish people with palliative care needs prefer to stay at home provided they can access appropriate supports. Meeting the policy goals for universal palliative care requires comprehensive out-of-hours provision.

The Symposium

All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC) Palliative Care Research Network 8th Annual Symposium is an island of Ireland event that promotes the impact of palliative care research to improve palliative care by changing practice and policy. It provides access for early, mid-career and senior researchers to leading international and national research and opportunities to network and collaborate.

This year’s symposium, with funding support from Health and Social Care R&D (HSC R&D) focussed on the number one all Ireland palliative care research priority “What are the best ways of providing palliative care outside of ‘working hours’ to avoid crises and help patients to stay in their place of choice? The Top Ten Research Priorities in Palliative Care were identified by AIIHPC using a consultative process with key stakeholders including: current and bereaved carers, people with life limiting conditions, researchers, health care professionals, and policy makers.

The day provided valuable insights and perspectives from international speakers and panel discussions with people attending from the island of Ireland and internationally including family carers, researchers, health care professionals, legal and advocacy professionals, service providers, policy makers, charity organisations, funders and interested citizens.

Some of the highlights from the day included presentations from expert speakers including the public/patient perspectives on out-of-hours care on the island of Ireland, the effectiveness and cost effectiveness to provide safe out-of-hours care, latest guideline recommendations, and services that support out-of-hours care. During an open session, participants had the opportunity to discuss and explore with the expert speakers the key research areas in out-of-hours palliative care.

The key message from the day was the importance of including all key stakeholders the user, researchers, clinicians, service providers, funders, charity partners and policy makers from the start. In order to avoid duplication, maximise expertise and resources to work together on solutions that improve the quality of life for the person with palliative care needs.

We would like to acknowledge our expert speakers on the day, Harry Cheevers, Voices4Care member, Professor Sam Ahmedzai, University of Sheffield, Professor Charles Normand, Trinity College Dublin, Dr Sara Yardley, University College London, Dr Bridget Johnston, Trinity College Dublin, Dr John Lombard, University of Limerick, Craig Harrison, Marie Curie NI and Mary Ferns, Irish Cancer Society. Also, the support of Professor Joanne Reid (Queens University Belfast), Chair of the Palliative Care Research Network, Associate Professor Suzanne Guerin (University College Dublin), Vice-Chair of the Palliative Care Research Network and Dr Aoibheann Conneely (Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services Dublin), Early Career Research Forum committee member.

We would also like to thank Dr Kathleen Mac Lellan, Department of Health (ROI) and Chris Matthews, Department of Health (NI) for jointly opening the symposium.

For More Information

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If you have any queries or comments about the symposium please contact Dr Mary Rabbitte, Research Programme Manager AIIHPC at mrabbitte@aiihpc.org.