Advance Care Planning

The Advance Care Planning: For Now and For the Future policy document for all adults in Northern Ireland was launched in October 2022, providing a framework for Advance Care Planning for all adults in Northern Ireland. The policy document offers an overview of Advance Care Planning, and the values and principles that underpin it. It explains why Advance Care Planning is important and how it can help people make timely, realistic and practical plans for their future. It will enable a person to think about what matters to them now and for the future, and to make choices that reflect this.

Advance Care Planning in Northern Ireland

NI Advance Care Planning Policy Document

Your life and your choices: plan ahead

This booklet explains how patients can plan ahead for future care in Northern Ireland. It discusses creating an Enduring Power of Attorney, writing down how they’d like to be cared for in an Advance Care Plan and writing Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment. It also has information about making a will, organ and tissue donation, and funeral planning.

Link to booklet: Your life and your choices: plan ahead 

Your Checklist for Planning Ahead

This document provides a quick checklist that patients and carers can use to guide them on planning ahead.

Link to document: Your Checklist for Planning Ahead

My Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) document

This document is for patients to write down in advance any specific treatments that they don’t want to have in the future. It will only be used if they lose the mental capacity to make decisions about their healthcare needs and are therefore unable to consent to or refuse treatment. You must ensure that this Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment is up to date and replaces any previous decisions.

Link to document: My Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) document

Record my Wishes

You can use this document to help patients to prepare for the future. It gives an opportunity to think about, talk about and make notes about preferences and priorities for care at the end of life. These notes can aid GPs or other health and social care professionals to complete an Advance Care Planning Summary. Use this document is voluntary.

Link to document: Record my Wishes