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Knowledge Innovation Dissemination Learning Exchange (KINDLE) project

Research Project Title

Knowledge Innovation Dissemination Learning Exchange (KINDLE) project


Palliative Care Needs, Mental Health Problems, Serious Mental Illness, Social Inequalities, Co-Morbid Physical Health Issues


In 2012, AIIHPC established the Palliative Care Research Network (PCRN) to address the need for more collaborative multidisciplinary research in palliative care on the island of Ireland. The all-island Network aims to support and promote research collaboration, innovation and knowledge transfer and exchange to inform palliative care policy and practice both nationally and internationally.

Research Project

The purpose of the Knowledge Innovation Dissemination Learning Exchange (KINDLE) project initiated in December 2015 was to identify cross-cutting messages for palliative care and palliative care research evident within research outputs produced by PCRN projects and aligned research projects, including HRB funded projects [Social Justice and Measurement & Evaluation Strands, Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Project, and Clinical, Doctoral & Postdoctoral Fellowships]. There were three key phases to the research design 1) relevant research materials were identified using a traditional search of databases and members of the PCRN were invited to provide research outputs, 2) a thematic synthesis was carried out to identify higher-order themes from the body of dissemination products (n=142) gathered across 22 research projects and 3) a series of reflection groups consisting of service users and carers, researchers and practitioners, with the support of independent experts, carefully reviewed all materials to provide further interpretation of themes identified.

Key Findings & Recommendations

Four key messages were identified and several recommendations made, as presented below (click the image to enlarge it):


While identified research dissemination products aimed to target a range of audiences, a focus on academic audiences was clear. Of the 142 dissemination products gathered during phase one of the research project the most common were traditional academic products (peer reviewed publications, conference presentations) followed by progress reports. The KINDLE project aimed to “re-package” identified key messages to reach all stakeholders. Stakeholders were identified as researchers, practitioners, policymakers, service users and their families. A series of videos were developed to report the findings of the study in a way that maximised accessibility of the learnings. The KINDLE videos were launched during Palliative Care Week 2017 and promoted via twitter. The videos were disseminated at several knowledge transfer and exchange workshops targeting palliative care researchers and remain accessible on YouTube and on The Palliative Hub Professional. Also, the overall project and findings received exposure via a blog and oral and poster presentations made at several national and international conferences. AIIHPC continues to promote the findings from the KINDLE project.


Study carried out: December 2015 – May 2017

Research Team

Co-Principal Investigators: Assoc Prof Suzanne Guerin, UCD School of Psychology, University College Dublin (UCD) and Dr Tara Murphy, AIIHPC.

Project Team: Dr Emma Nicholson, AIIHPC.  

Funding: This research was funded by the Health Research Board (HRB) under the Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination scheme (KEDS) and All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC). 

Research Project Outputs:

Published papers:

Nicholson E., Murphy T., Larkin P., Normand C., and Guerin S. (2016) Protocol for a thematic synthesis to identify key themes and messages from a palliative care research network. BMC Research Notes 9(478), doi: 10.1186/s13104-016-2282-1

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