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Technology and Palliative Care Research Special Interest Group

Group Chair:

Dr Frances Cleary, South East Technological University

Group Vice Chair:

Professor Mary Lynch, Faculty of Nursing, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Latest group news

The Technology and Palliative Care Research Special Interest Group held its first meeting online on 9 February 2024 with a very diverse group of attendees coming together.  Discussions included the importance of input from different disciplines and backgrounds for the group to be successful.  Members highlighted that it is not necessary to have a technical background to contribute to this group.  Input from members on the ‘real world’ challenges which people receiving and giving care are dealing with is essential to the group – so that technology-based or enabled solutions are aligned with these and deliver the desired impact.

As a next step, the group is using a survey to gather input from members, which will be used in developing a 12 month plan to guide activities and outputs. The group will hold regular meetings and dates for these will be publicised in AIIHPC newsletters, as well as being notified to group members.

How can I get involved?